Back to school bananas!

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The kids are back at school, and along with pencil case packing, and school bag stuffing, there will be the lunch box debate.

In the playground, lunchbox competitiveness is fierce – so finding a snack that keeps kids and parents happy can be a struggle.

The solution? Bananas! Not only are bananas the world’s most popular fruit, they also have fantastic benefits for school kids, not to mention being more affordable than most lunchbox snacks.

The brain-boosting power of the banana has been thoroughly researched, and many experts recommend consumption of at least one banana before exams. The slow release of energy keeps kids alert and receptive throughout the day, unlike high sugar snack alternatives.

Also, for those unenthused by their return to school, bananas contain tryptophan, a natural mood enhancer, that keeps the back to school blues at bay.

The most important thing? Kids love bananas. They’re not just nutritious; they’re delicious, filling and versatile – keeping lunchtime interesting, yummy and healthy.


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