BanaBay Forms Fruitful Alliance

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BanaBay Forms Fruitful Alliance


Building business relationships in person and over time has yielded excellent results for BanaBay with the announcement of a major new Korean customer, Daemyung Corp.


From mid-July BanaBay will be supplying 2 containers of premium bananas per week, rising to 4 containers by the end of the month and 8 containers by the middle of June 2016.


To secure the business entailed several meetings at key events enabling BanaBay to demonstrate its commitment to providing the service tailored to the customer’s specific needs and for them to understand the systems put in place by BanaBay to ensure quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain.


The latter was especially important as Daemyung Corp is the exclusive fresh produce supplier to the leading supermarket retailer Mega Mart.


Business Development Manager Yuchi Li commented:  “We first met the customer at Asia Fruit Logistica in 2014 then again at PMA and Fruit Logistica in Berlin in February this year. As well as making sure we attended the top fresh produce events, over several meetings with the customer we showed how we can maintain the quality of our fruit and consistency of supply so that they were confident they could honour the agreements made with their retail customers.”


Daemyung Corporation has established its reputation over many years importing fruit into Korea.  Most of the bananas supplied come from the Philippines and the importer sees the opportunity to introduce and grow the market for BanaBay’s brand of high quality Ecuadorian bananas.