Bananas for life!

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You may not find the font of youth, but a bowl of bananas might do the job.

The world’s oldest man, 112 year old Sánchez ‘Shorty’ Blázquez, recently revealed the secret to his incredible long life – a daily dose of bananas!

So how did bananas boost Blázquez into the Guinness World Records? Let’s investigate:

1. Bananas are one of our best sources of Potassium, containing 479mg on average – this may have kept Sánchez’s blood pressure low and protected him against Atherosclerosis.

2. A U.S study of 40,000 men found that those who regularly consumed Potassium were at far less risk of suffering a stroke, another great reason to eat a banana a day.

3. Sánchez’s banana habit will also have helped protect him from heart disease and bone conditions – high fibre foods prevent coronaries, and potassium counteracts the bone damage caused by our high salt diets.

4. A problem Sánchez could’ve encountered as he got older is stomach ulcers; luckily his banana consumption would’ve helped protect his stomach against bacteria and thickened his stomach lining due to the banana’s natural protease inhibitors

5. Research published in the International Journal of Cancer found that regular fruit consumption, especially bananas, could help to prevent kidney disease – an illness 1 in 5 men over 65 suffer.

Mystery solved! Sánchez’s science adds up – want a long life? Have a banana!


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