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BanaBay guys at LPS
BanaBay’s Brand Ambassador Mike Edwards made his first public appearance at the London Produce Show earlier this month. He reported:

“The London Produce show was fantastic! I really enjoyed my time out there last week catching up with everyone at BanaBay and being in London is always a pleasure.

“I found the setup of the event was similar to my Universities Career and Internship Expo. Although, this time I was involved with the team recruiting future talent and that was pretty awesome.

“I gave a speech on nutrition to give the audience a better understanding of an athlete’s journey to the Olympic Games.

“My intake of bananas, 6-8 a day works well to help balance out my energy levels during intense training sessions. Hunger can discourage people not to train, with bananas I feel they give me just enough fuel during, after and before meals, without the gimmicks.

“I compare my body to a sports car. With a sports car you don’t use just any type of fuel, you want to give your vehicle the best so that it runs to its maximum ultimate performance. Well as an athlete you want just the same. I need to be confident that what I eat will power my performance!

“That’s what I love about bananas.

“Towards the closing of the show, I was privileged to watch School of Wok chef Jeremy Pang deliver his Chinese Unchopped Masterclass and talk about the release of his new book. It certainly gave me a few more tasty and healthy meal ideas.”