Ethics Policy

Banana Plantation EthicsIt is the policy of our company to strictly watch and adhere to all laws and ethical standards applicable in all jurisdictions in which we carry out business, to perform our business affairs legally and ethically and to do so with openness and reliability.

This Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy is applicable to employees at all locations owned, leased, managed, or operated by BanaBay and its subsidiaries, as well as all of the Company’s directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives and each of their respective family members.

Our Company expects and demands the highest level of ethical conduct on the part of our Staff. We do not condone, accept, or practice any behaviour that fails to meet the standards set forth in our Corporate Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy.

The general guidelines of these standards are:

  • We neither offer, not accept, anything of value in exchange for on in the interest of inducing or entering into any business relationship with us.
  • We do not use corporate funds, assets, services, or facilities directly, or indirectly, for any personal use, or any unethical purpose.
  • We comply with all laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.
  • We allow no false, artificial, or misstated entries to be made to the books, records, or financial statements.
  • We do not make false or misleading statements to the Company’s independent auditors, internal auditors or regulators. Under no circumstances may any employee take any actions to fraudulently influence, coerce, manipulate or otherwise mislead the Company’s auditors in connection with ongoing audits.
  • We maintain our workplace free of harassment and discrimination based on sex, ethnicity, physical handicap or religion.