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Fairtrade USA

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BanaBay has been working with its US customers interested in the ethical benefits of choosing its Fairtrade and organic Fairtrade bananas.

As there are a number of schemes on the market dedicated to serve the interests of the banana producer, BanaBay was tasked to present Fairtrade as being of equal merit when compared to other options.

The Fairtrade concept is all about ensuring that workers and farming communities receive in some of the poorest parts of the world receive a fair price for their produce and enjoy decent working and living conditions. As the banana is one of the world’s most popular fruits, this is essential as the market is extremely competitive. Fairtrade helps ensure that banana production is sustainable and the additional premium placed on the product can then be re-invested in the community.

The Fairtrade promise is not only important to the consumer but to BanaBay as well. As growers, operating family owned plantations, the local community can benefit from the Fairtrade premium and the company is able to fulfil its own programme of Corporate Social Responsibilities.