London Produce Show Success

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London Produce Show

BanaBay is still buzzing from its appearance at the London Produce Show last month where plantains were the main attraction.

These ‘cooking’ bananas which are now available from BanaBay are a South American staple and we wanted to enthuse people about including them in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes. There were recipe cards and special dishes created around the plantain by Peruvian and Argentine restaurant chefs which made the most of its mild banana flavour and potato-like texture. Read more……..

Big Success for BanaBay at London Produce Show

BanaBay’s all singing all dancing appearance at the London Produce Show (3rd-5th June) has confirmed a decision to focus on brand and Country of Origin for its bananas.

The show which provides a much needed level playing field for the smaller producer was an opportunity to meet one-to-one, have good conversations about potential customers’ requirements and to build relationships as Global Marketing Executive, Briony Dunmore explains:

“The London Produce Show held at the beautiful Grosvenor Hotel is series of events which present the ideal opportunity for BanaBay to talk in depth to customers, sell our personal service and push the quality message through the story of our Ecuadorian bananas.”

Over the 3 days BanaBay took part in the opening welcome drinks providing the table displays featuring bananas and plantains which looked good enough to eat and ultimately that was their fate.

Plantain Showcase

On the second day it was all about BanaBay plantains. As well as exhibiting its wares BanaBay sponsored the Media Masterclass featuring Jeremy Pang of School of Wok and Latin American restaurant Chotto Matte creating Peruvian tapas.

BanaBay also provided ingredients for cocktails at the Media Masterclass and promised attendant food bloggers supplies of plantains for any further recipes they might like to try having already experimented with a plantain bread and a gooey chocolate banana bread.

Meanwhile BanaBay’s presenter Ruth Graham spoke about the origins of plantains and their health benefits as well presenting mind boggling stats on the consumption of the fruit and its cousin the banana.

Brand Ambassador

Ruth handed over to Brand Ambassador Mike Edwards a high jumper on team GB who described his road to the Olympics in 2016, how important bananas are to his nutrition and training programme and why he eats up to 8 BanaBay bananas a day.

Briony concluded: “As a small but democratic gathering of the fresh produce world where you could meet in a variety of environments get your point across and not be dazzled by the big names; The London Produce Show was a complete success for us.

Quality and Provenance

“It helped us realise that currently bananas from smaller producers are not distinct from one another which gives BanaBay the chance to market our produce as a defined brand with a notable provenance. Because when you put a BanaBay banana side by side with other bananas it really does stand out. It is yellow but a different shade of yellow and it has a distinctive and extremely flavoursome taste which is worth promoting as a premium quality fruit from Ecuador.”