New Middle East Contact for BanaBay

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A new customer in the Middle East has just taken delivery of four containers of premium BanaBay bananas.

Based in Saudi Arabia, UAE, the Hussain al Qurashi Group identified BanaBay as a recognised supplier of premium quality Ecuadorian Bananas and saw the opportunity to market the high quality brand in the region.

The Hussain al Qurashi Group is a leading food business sourcing products from Europe, Africa, North America, New Zealand, Australia, China, India & Pakistan and exporting to all Gulf Co-operation Council countries, Yemen, India & Pakistan. With more than 25 fresh produce outlets in the UAE, the Group supplies all leading supermarkets and hypermarkets in the region.

Harley Williams, Business Development Manager for BanaBay says: “This is an exciting new partnership in Saudi Arabia which again demonstrates the expanding reach and development of the BanaBay brand across the globe.”