BanaBay is committed to support the basic rights of our workers and to ensure that we provide all employees a safe and healthy working environment. We have implemented programs that promote employee welfare and encourage personal development.  We continuously seek to improve worker safety and working conditions by investing in, among others, new facilities and equipment.  We comply with all national and local labour laws of the respective areas where we operate.



At BanaBay, we take into account physical, social, emotional, environmental, developmental and occupational considerations all within the context of the workplace in order to promote employees´ well-being. This helps our employees to remain motivated, engaged, healthy, and committed with the company. We think that employees who feel cared for are often more satisfied and perform better, increasing productivity.

Health & Safety

Our employees are our most important asset and we provide them with the necessary equipment, systems and education programs to protect their health and ensure their safety. We regularly train and educate our farm workers on occupational health and safety, responsible use and management of pesticides and emergency preparedness procedures. Administrative and engineering controls such as warning signs, provision of personal protective equipment and risk assessments are in place to ensure safety. All our plantations have links with major hospitals to attend the health needs of our employees and their dependents. Also, all of our facilities have fully stocked first aid stations and emergency equipment.

In order to protect the safety and health of our staff, all our facilities have placed warning signs, first aid stations, Emergency fire safety equipment, Compliance with Safety Regulations, Personal Protective Equipment, Training Programs, Hygiene & Sanitation Facilities, Employee & Community Recreation Programs & Facilities

Fair Working Conditions

We treat our workers fairly and provide them with competitive compensation and benefits. We think that every worker has the right to working conditions which respect his/her health, safety and dignity. Our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics policy reflects our commitment to adhere to the principles of social accountability and encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work.

We promote a culture of diversity and are dedicated to nurturing an environment where each employee is respected regardless of race, culture, religion, nationality, sexual preference or beliefs. Everyone has the right to liberty, freedom of association, and security of person.

Banana Plantation EmployeesBanana Plantation Employees

Banana Plantation Employees

Banana Plantation Employees

Banana Plantation Employees

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