Sustainability - BanaBay - Banana Import Export of Fresh Fruit and Bananas.


BanaBay, as a sustainable Fresh Fruit and Banana supplier, we use a management practice that guides our environmental, economic and social policies.


As a company involved in the produce of fresh fruits, we certainly identify our responsibility to ensure that our operation activities are guided by the careful balance of the interests of all our stakeholders.


We have made steady progress to move towards sustainable practices in order to contribute to better incomes and livelihoods for our workers and their families. It also helps to maintain soil fertility, enhance water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity.


Therefore, BanaBay has promoted environmental and social policies as well as several programs intended to protect and maintain the environment, and support the well being of our employees and the communities that surround us.


Our ecological and employee programs are frequently audited by internal and external auditors against internationally accepted environmental standards such as GlobalGAP.