Biodiversity - BanaBay - Banana Import Export


BanaBay strives for a balance between economic and environmental sustainability. All species and habitats play an important role in maintaining healthy ecosystems.


Our company has established many projects that contribute to the protection of biodiversity which we recognize as an essential component of responsible environmental and natural resource management.


BanaBay is committed to the implementation of environmental programs that protect and manage the natural ecosystem. We strive to maintain and conserve native plant species and forest areas. Our operations carry out several reforestation programs to expand the natural ecosystem. We work with organizations such as local schools, community, government and non-governmental groups on environmental projects such as reforestation programs. We make sure that our plantations and facilities are not located in protected areas such as forest reserves, conservation and rainforest areas. We minimize environmental impacts by providing mitigating measures to protect the ecosystem. Where possible, our production farms have buffer zones which protect the adjacent natural ecosystem.


Our company supports wildlife protection. We believe that by protecting and enhancing the natural ecosystem in the areas where we operate, we protect its habitat and food source. We do not hunt nor place in captivity any endangered or wild species. We believe that the existence of wildlife in the areas where we operate is a biological indicator that we have a healthy ecosystem. In many of our farms and surrounding areas, local species of insects, reptiles, birds and mammals are often observed.