Environment and Resource Management

The aim of waste and resource management is the conservation of resources, a desire to maximise recovery, reuse and recycling, and keep waste down.

We constantly create strategies for reducing waste through better design, improved recovery and re-use, more efficient resource management, and the performance of materials recovered from wastes. Our company implements various environmentally-sound, economically viable and socially acceptable management practices aimed to preserve and efficiently use our natural resources. By effectively using the water, air, soil, and fuel resources, we are able to obtain a stability between environmental, economic and community sustainability. The management of these resources in an environmentally-responsible way is decisive in ensuring continued long term production while keeping environmental and human health. We fulfil several internationally recognized environmental standards as well as the national regulations of Ecuador.


Water Quality Management

Water is a fundamental resource in all our operations. We recognize the need to conserve water and protect water sources given its limited supply.

Our plantations apply various water quality management programs in line with local regulations and needs. Preventive measures such as proper disposal of solid and liquid wastes, buffer zones are created to protect waterways in areas adjacent to bodies of water and effective wastewater treatment facilities are continuously being implemented. We strive to use water efficiently, several operational practices are implemented to conserve and reduce the use of water where hydrometers are used to Monitor Water Usage. In addition, water quality and physico-chemical content monitoring tests are conducted by trained staff in our plantations on a regular basis and the results of these water tests help us evaluate the condition of our local water resources and immediately take corrective actions if necessary.

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Buffer Zones

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Water Quality Monitoring

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Waste Water Treatment Facilities



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Soil Management

Soil is the primary medium for the growth of our fruits. We believe that efficient management of soil directly impacts our long term productivity.

We implement various soil conservation programs in order to control soil erosion and maintain soil quality.

The implementation of buffer zones and the planting of cover crops along sensitive areas help us control soil erosion. Our field production areas are also efficiently designed to reduce soil movement. Efficient access roads, rows and installation of drainage channels effectively control soil erosion. In addition, we carry out Soil monitoring tests to regularly monitor the quality of the soil.

Planting areas are efficiently designed with drainage channels and access roads.

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Energy & Fuel Conservation

We are committed to the efficient use of energy and fuel resources.

We have implemented several energy and fuel conservation programs such as the use of energy and fuel saving equipment and devices, conducting fuel demand-use monitoring programs and all our facilities are designed to be more energy efficient.

In addition, refrigeration systems, motors, vehicles, computing hardware, adhere to strict maintenance schedules to maximize energy efficiency, and our production facilities use energy-efficient light bulbs.

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Air Quality

We endeavour to protect the quality of air in all areas we operate in.

We comply with strict government regulations related to air emissions and take proactive steps to minimize emissions by ensuring that all of our equipment and facilities are well-maintained and monitored.

We are constantly seeking new technology that will help us improve our productivity without affecting the air quality. We carry out regular maintenance of Equipment to minimize air emissions.